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Physical Education is an essential element of the total educational program of each and every student!


At Shoal Creek, we believe these 5 rules are extremely important and will help each and every student have success:
1. Following Directions
2. Great Listening Skills
3. Sportsmanship
4. Always Giving Great Effort to Maximize Health and Physical Benefits of Exercise
5. Always Wearing the Proper Shoes

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Don't forget about our yearlong shoe competition!  If everyone in class wears the appropriate shoes for PE that day, they earn a tally mark.  The class that has the most marks at the end of the year win a "Bonus week of PE" during star time in May!


As both the students and us PE teachers have settled into a great year so far, the next couple weeks we will be talking about "effort" and what that means not only in PE but also other parts of their lives.  We love and always encourage great effort b/c of the many health benefits that happen with exercise when someone is always trying their hardest.  We plan to discuss how giving great effort in PE creates a great "habit" that can carry over to their school work as well as all parts of their lives.  


We have talked about and emphasized "SPORTSMANSHIP" in our classes.  Our goal is that each student understands what being a good sport means as well as helping others during our games and activities.  We don't keep track of scores during games or decide a winning team at the end of class but one thing we really stress is if your heart rate was up and you had fun, YOU ARE A WINNER!!!!!!!  That is what we look at as far as who wins and loses because if you tried your best and had fun, that's all we ask for.


Please help our efforts at Shoal Creek by encouraging kids to get outside and exercise.  There are many activities to promote one's fitness levels and we are always giving kids new ideas and ways to become more active.  We also encourage the kids to make healthy food choices by putting "good fuel" in their body to work hand in hand with the different exercise activities they are participating in.  The kids' health and wellness  is very important to us and we look forward to making a positive impact on the health of all of our students this year!



This year at the Creek, we will be doing our fitness testing in the spring.  We believe in educating and practicing the skills prior to administering the tests to allow each student the possibility of achieving the maximum success possible.  We will work on our cardiovascular endurance, upper body strength, core strength and flexibility to align with each of the tests administered.


Click on the link to watch our students in action during some of our games and activities:

3rd Grade Mat Ball  4th Grade Polo/Hockey
5th Grade LEGENDS     5th Grade Capture the Football

3rd Grade Warm-up     1st Grade Speed Bowling

Kindergarten Hula Tag    4th Grade Battle Games



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