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Recess Guidelines.png

School officials, in general, believe that a child healthy enough to attend school is also healthy enough to participate in playground and physical education activities. It is a proven fact that most children have an immense amount of energy for which some physical outlet must be provided. When children are confined inside all day, their ability to concentrate on learning tasks is adversely affected. Thus, principals and teachers encourage students to participate in playground activities for abbreviated periods of time even during hot or cold weather.


If your child has missed school due to a cold or other illness and you wish for your child to remain indoors during a recess period for a day or two to recuperate, a note from the home to the teacher will suffice. If it is necessary for your child to be excused for more than that amount of time, a doctor’s note is required.


In order to provide a safe, responsible, and consistent response to the decision of outdoor activity, Shoal Creek Elementary will be following the Child Care Weather Watch guidelines. If the temperature falls in the Red Zone on the chart, it will be an indoor recess day.


Click the thermometer below to view the Weather Watch chart.